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Next-Gen Bio-ethics is honoured to be the Australian Distributor for Cerma Industries, LLC, USA.

When you find something good, you just want to share it! It’s not every day you find something that’s verified as being “Good for the Planet, Vehicles, Marine Craft, Air Conditioning and Saves You Money…Now and Far Into The Future. “ Cerma STM-3 products are all this and more.

Hi! My name is Robin Varian, owner of Next-Gen Bio-ethics since 2014. Next-Gen Bio-ethics has the full range of Cerma’s “One-Time” Treatments available in Australia and we look forward to including additional Cerma products as this new Australian business grows.

What Is Cerma STM-3?

Cerma STM-3 is a revolutionary discovery in lubrication technology by John Murray, Inventor and Chief Technology Officer at Cerma Industries LLC, USA – providing benefits similar to a ceramic engine without the high cost.

Cerma STM-3 Treatments are simply added to the relevant oil reservoir. They act as a catalyst to create a smooth, nano-ceramic (Silicon Carbide - SiC) coating across the entire metal surface of your engine, transmission, air conditioning, etc. This smooth, durable coating permanently penetrates and bonds with the sub-surface of the metal and metal parts at 1 to 6 microns deep.

Once the Cerma process has been completed (up to 90 days of driving), your engine will be continuously cleaned as further carbon deposits, dirt and lacquer are be prevented from adhering to the metal surface in your engine – making Cerma STM-3 “The World’s Only Self-Cleaning Engine System”!

Cerma STM-3 Benefits

Cerma ‘s “One-Time” Treatments are extensive in their action and benefits as well as being affordable and extremely simple to use:

  • *  Saving on fuel, oil burning and repairs; extending the life of your valuable equipment old or new.
  • Cleaning, restoring and protecting your engine; bringing it to peak performance.
  • *  Increasing horsepower (or achieve same with less revs), torque, compression and fuel economy.
  • *  Reducing oil burning, friction, noise, vibration, operating fluid temps and cold start problems.

Cerma STM-3 Testing

Cerma STM-3 is the only lubricant Certified by the Environmental Technology Verification Program. Benefits stated are based on 14 years of real world and scientific testing, including:

Emmission Reductions:  EPA approved laboratory, California Environmental Engineering (click here) Carbon Monoxide (CO) = -95.6%   Hydrocarbon (HC) = -72.8%   Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) = -31.5%

Increased Fuel Economy:  +16.15% As tested by the Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company (click here) Please Note: Cerma  STM-3 in diesel engines does not show full results until approx. 500-1000 miles of use. This test data is based on only the first 100 miles after introduction of Cerma STM-3.

Reduced Electricity Usage: Cerma "Blue Ice" A/C Treatments are specifically for Home, Auto & Commercial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC). Real world usage has shown up to 40% savings on electricity. Villarina’s Fine Foods received an average of 17.69% electricity reduction within 1 week! (click here)

Cerma STM-3 Facts

  • *   Cerma STM-3 is Environmentally Friendly, 100% organic, non-toxic and non-flammable. The products contain no solids,  no Teflon, no metals, no PTFE’s and no paraffin… nothing that would harm your equipment or the environment.
  • Cerma STM-3 does not mix with your motor oil. Cerma STM-3 is merely carried by the oil and does not alter the oil’s chemical composition in any way. Cerma STM-3 does not change factory tolerances and by its nature is only beneficial to metal and seal material. Cerma STM-3 does not affect warrantees.
  • *  Cerma STM-3 works 100% of the time! Provided instructions are carefully followed, Cerma STM-3 Treatments will achieve and complete the process as described. However, savings achieved on fuel, oil, emissions and electricity will vary according to the equipment and conditions of use. For example, an older vehicle with excessive carbon/lacquer build up will generally see higher fuel economy savings than a new vehicle, however both will be provided with optimum protection and be brought to peak performance.
  • *  Cerma STM-3 doesn’t fix broken! However, it is often the case that equipment is coated in lacquers, carbon deposits and has undergone wear, which prevent optimal function. Cerma removes the harmful deposits, restores worn parts and protects equipment from further damaging deposits and wear.
  • The Next-Gen Bio-ethics Story

I started this business in 2014 as I was so impressed by Cerma’s qualities and benefits.

Cerma STM-3 saved me from having to buy a new car!  My 1996 Mitsubishi Magna V6 with around 195,000kms on the clock was struggling to drive up hills, burning approximately 1½ litres of oil per month and it had always been a petrol guzzler.

In January 2013 I purchased a 2oz (59ml) bottle of the Cerma Engine Treatment. Wow! The power was restored within the first week, the engine ran incredibly smooth and quiet and I only added 1 litre of oil after 11 months. My car was running better than when I first bought it.  The additional and unexpected bonus was an improvement in fuel economy by around 40%!

Around one year later the 2oz (59ml) Cerma Auto Transmission Treatment fixed the ‘loud clunk into first gear’ which had been gradually getting worse to the point where it was happening at every stop. The ‘clunk’ stopped within 15 minutes of driving after introducing Cerma to the transmission fluid. On a rare occasion the ‘clunk’ returned, so I added just one more ounce of Cerma and… ‘Voila’ the transmission is perfect!

It’s now December 2015 and I’m happily driving this same car. The ‘One-Time Treatments’ have fully maintained the above results and are keeping my engine functioning at peak performance.

Our Values & Vision

I have found Cerma Industries LLC USA to be as a ‘shining light’ in this industry. From their brilliant products through to their impeccable integrity, honesty and friendly service - the people at Cerma Industries are an inspiration.

Next-Gen Bio-ethics shares the same values as Cerma Industries and these values form the foundation for how we conduct every aspect of our business - your happiness is our happiness!

We aspire to increase public awareness of our products and be part of the solution in assisting to significantly reduce transport and HVAC gas emissions for home, business and manufacturing.

We envisage Next-Gen Bio-ethics will be a profitable business before end 2016 and once this occurs we will commit to donating “one native tree” per order through partnering with a trusted organisation.

Thank you for checking out our website and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us

Next-Gen Bio-ethics * Northmead NSW

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